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Stressed out woman at work with high demand job

Are you a business owner, professional leader , an over achiever? Do you take your worries home with you? Are you letting your work take away from your home life? Are your personal relationships struggling because you are not present?…

Top 10 Ways to Make a Huge Leap Forward in Life

Small steps everyday

Everyone has those days when you could use a little help. Perhaps it’s not looking forward to your next presentation, or you don’t know where to start with your latest business idea. Maybe it’s not feeling motivated enough to start…

Self-Hypnosis for Beginners

Man relaxing and meditating on a couch
Hypnosis can provide many benefits. It’s even possible to hypnotize yourself. Self-hypnosis might provide the breakthrough you desire. Self-hypnosis can change your attitudes, emotions, and behaviors. It can also alter bad habits or increase your self-esteem.

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