Maria Vaughn
I suffer from long COVID. I had COVID pneumonia in March 2021. I have shortness of breath, brain fog, low energy and tiredness. I was put on steroids to help. It did help but a side effect of steroids is weight gain. I had seen Diane's videos and she seemed to be talking to me. I decided it couldn't hurt to try and lose some weight. I have lost 25 lbs in 3 months and still losing. Especially with not eating sugar. Even during the holidays I was able to eat less. Surprisingly and even better, and a bonus, Diane helped me get rid of the fog in my brain. Diane makes you feel very comfortable and has a way of helping you get to your subconscious issues that are holding you back. I now feel like I have a clear brain and I am able to be my best self. Thank you Diane for caring about your clients. Give her a call to help you get what you want and need to be the person you want to be.
Hannah Reile
I attended several sessions to work on some anxiety issues. The talking form of hypnotherapy that she uses is so eye opening and really helped me unlock knowledge that I already had within myself that I wasn’t aware of. I’ve been feeling much calmer since attending Diane’s Hypnotherapy. If you have had any hesitations, I definitely recommend giving it a try!
Megen Brown
Thank you so much for helping me pin point what I need to focus and work on to a healthy and happier life ♥️
Paige Gleespen
Diane really cares about getting you closer to your goals.
Laura Kruger
Diane is absolutely wonderful to work with. From her calming voice to her kind spirit she has helped me tremendously. I’m so very pleased with our visits. I highly recommend Diane. 10/10 🥰
Courtney Edwards
Before my session with Diane, I was experiencing fear, apprehension & stagnation in my role as an entrepreneur. After my session, I felt compelled to MOVE. I went from experiencing internal conflict to feeling resolved on this concern.
Margaret Lucius
I have returned to Diane recently due to stress from owning and running my business. She helped me stop worrying about things beyond my control and also with deciding which things I could control and gave me the encouragement I needed to do so. It is amazing how she can help you realize things in your mind that you already know!
Glen Sj
Diane was wonderful and easy to work with! Very professional and knowledgeable on hypnosis. I had the privilege of working with Diane on multiple sessions. She helped me improve my confidence in starting a business, and I am very thankful I worked with her! 10/10
Julia Naus
Diane was extremely helpful!!! She has a very calm and soothing voice. She did a great job of helping me get back on track and helped me to realize that I need to put myself first. I truly thank you for your support!
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