Glen Sj
Diane was wonderful and easy to work with! Very professional and knowledgeable on hypnosis. I had the privilege of working with Diane on multiple sessions. She helped me improve my confidence in starting a business, and I am very thankful I worked with her! 10/10
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Julia Naus
Diane was extremely helpful!!! She has a very calm and soothing voice. She did a great job of helping me get back on track and helped me to realize that I need to put myself first. I truly thank you for your support!
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Lauren England
Great first experience with Diane! She took the time to really talk and get to know me better. I felt very comfortable with her, that I could trust her and really open up. After my sessions not only did I feel more relaxed but felt that overall my symptoms improved.
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Jorden Born
Diane is truly the best! I highly highly recommend her!! I have seen her now for 3 sessions to work on childhood trauma along with processing trauma. It has done extreme wonders for me and my self growth. She is very welcoming and herself which is very comforting.
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Barb Shumaker
I have attended several of Diane’s group sessions and dealt with her individually. I am on an amazing journey to better love myself and to be healthier and happier. Diane has been with me every step of the way. Her soothing voice and calming cadence makes it so easy to completely relax and go deep into hypnotherapy. I am excited to continue on this enlightening journey and live the best life I can with Diane’s help. Thank you my friend!
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randy nichols
Absolutely great experience and results. Diane has such a great personality and makes it a grand experience! Can't thank her enough, smoked.for 20+ yrs and with her help I'm walking away from cigarettes with a new lease on life and a positive attitude in doing so.
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Judy Myers
I highly recommend Diane's Hypnotherapy, she is very caring and professional. My experience was very relaxing and it works! If you are ready to make changes in your life Diane can help you.
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Toni Courtright
From the very first session I have had a change of psyche. Diane, you have helped me through so many things I have struggled with for decades. From weight issues to consciously choosing to have a positive outlook on life and most importantly how to love me. It's been an amazing transformation for me and I know if things get rough, I can count on you to guide me back. You are an excellent counselor! Thank you from the bottom of my heart ❤
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