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Re-framing your thoughts

I’d like to share a story about a client. I could feel the weight on her shoulders as she came through the door. You pick up on others vibes and hers were very pronounced.

I asked her what I could help her with and she just listed off about 20 things that are causing her to be unhappy. She also has some health issues. I could just see how all of things were making her feel worse and worse as she talked. Everything was a negative and caused by someone else.

I said to her” you know those are just thoughts?” If all of those thoughts are making you sick and sad and stuck , let’s find some better thoughts.

Also, she is a giver. Always giving never receiving. I said to her you know it’s ok to receive. It actually makes people feel better if you take sometimes. Instead of running yourself in the ground , take a break! You deserve it.

There it was! Big and bold!! She didn’t think she deserved any of it. We talked about how taking a break to make her body healthier would benefit her family as much as it does her. We talked about how reading others minds doesn’t usually work out to our benefit. We worked through a lot of stuff.

Then we did hypnosis. When she got deep into relaxation, she took a big huge breath and I felt that weight lift. She totally let go and took from me what I could offer and we both felt so much better after the session.

This is what it’s all about. Holding space, a safe place to dump out your thoughts and re-frame them into something that can produce growth and move forward in a healthier way.