Woman enjoying a cup of coffee at home

Find compassion for yourself

I’m putting myself out into the world as an imperfect person who is learning how to have compassion and love for myself. In the process I have been able to serve a few people and help them find compassion and love for themselves. It’s a great feeling , and I’m always going to be learning and growing and waiting for the next person that connects with me. That’s what it is all about!

What good is having a specific tool if you never get to use it? I think about myself as a kid and I wish I could give that girl a hug and tell her it’s ok to be who she is. I would tell her she has just as much chance at a good life as anybody. I would tell her she is so important and unique.

I have actually been able to go back in time with hypnosis and find her. I never really thought about how our memories are just the emotions we have attached to certain events. You can’t physically touch them, anymore than you can go forward and write your future. So going deep into my past memories and changing things for positive growth is really how I have started to be kind and compassionate to myself.

I know this has many mistakes in it. I am not a writer. I am however plagued with a lot of thoughts that I want to share. I will never be perfect so I’m going for it just the way I am. If I wait until I think I’m good enough to share my thoughts they will die inside of me. So this is why I’m so passionate about what about hypnosis. It’s not anything I ever thought it was. I wish I would have kept the original name I had picked for my hypnosis. I was going to call it “Just A Thought”, well those were my thoughts for the day. Maybe I’ll name my blog that, who knows?