Stacking pebbles in palm of hand

Anchor your feelings

Here is something kind of interesting. Anchoring refers to a stimulus that triggers a specific state or behavior. You can set an anchor to create a better feeling. Think of a feeling you would rather feel. Calm, confident, peaceful, happy, whatever might be useful to you. We set these automatically throughout our lives. A certain smell can take you back to a memory. Hearing a song can take you to different place.

Set an intentional anchor and see if it works for you.

Example: You don’t like to walk into new places, so you want to stay calm. Put your fingers together, touch your elbow, cross your fingers, whatever you like. Imagine the calm feeling you have. Now let go and think of something else, now do your behavior again. Notice the feeling. Practice this and it will come naturally to you. A great tool to use if you need it.